ERP Whisperer

We are proud to represent and implement CLEARVIEW INFOCUS. We also service other legacy systems like Ajera and Vision.

TIME COUNTS introduces Delrae Bennett, one of our Senior ERP Consultants A.K.A. ERP Whisperer.

She has lead/guided 100s of businesses build and strengthen their ERP system.  Working coast to coast in these firms she has been fortunate to learn from the best CFOs as they need client and profitability data to transform their business. The ability to communicate across all functions from IT technical lingo to Accounting financial indicators has put her in front of large and small firms who want that translation quickly for faster implementations. As businesses merge Multi Company and Multi Currency is a key infrastructure strategy she only knows too well.  She has merged over 50 some companies in a logical easy to understand manner.

As an experienced Senior ERP Consultant she understands C-level executives and project centric companies (Architects, Engineers, etc.) need data to make crucial financial decisions not just at month end but on a weekly basis! And not just transactional data in the past but future predictability based on the best clients and their needs put into an optimum forecast. This approach makes precious time count, working smarter not harder and with more clients that work well with your company.

She has been hired as a mentor, project manager, data analyst, trainer or implementation specialist. She can become your turnkey solution that only a Senior ERP Consultant could deliver.  Also consider her as the watchdog for partners/owners as their eyes, ears and voice.

If you’re looking for an expert to assist with any data organization, implementation, corporate performance management and/or customer relationship management let’s get the ball rolling. Contact us at to begin the process.